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In search of a new chapter where he can come study in the USA, and return home to help other LGBTQ+ youth in New Delhi, India.


We have known Aman since 2020 both at Q7 & with Nu.Foundation. He stumbled upon our LGBTQ+ Christian fellowship group during the Pandemic and has become an important part of our online support community; joining us all the way from India twice a month. During group meetings, we noticed Aman switching his video on and off, and he spoke softly during meetings, as if to prevent anyone else from eavesdropping. We eventually found out about the physical abuse Aman endures both at home and out in society. Aman expressed his dreams to study abroad, leave India temporarily and gain his footing in the LGBTQIA+ advocacy space to later return to India with tools that can help other Indian LGBTQ+ youth experiencing discrimination. Q7 Rescue's scholarship fund wants to make Aman's dream possible.  


We're inviting you to help donate to Q7's Scholarship Fund; enabling individuals like Aman to pursue an education, pay for housing, books, and other living expenses.  Aman is applying to obtain a Master's degree in Social Work at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He's hopeful that the degree will equip him with tools to bring about social change back home.  


Q7 Rescue is the organizational structure within Q7 that provides resources and support (outside of fellowship groups) to Christian LGBT individuals, those LGBT individuals seeking to become Christian or return to the Christian faith, and/or other individuals as later determined by the Board’s strategic plan to qualify for assistance from Q7 Rescue. Learn more about how Q7 plans to help.

Aman Video


Thank you so much for considering partnering with us to spread the gospel.

Please send donations above $500 to

6711 Germantown Avenue PO Box 18870 Philadelphia, PA 19119

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