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Q7 Rescue

Typically, we think mainly of the spiritual conflict and abuse LGBT Christians have to face as they come out to family, friends, and their churches in general. There are numerous resources for those especially seeking to deal with Scriptural issues in the form of books, pamphlets, and support groups. What we often forget to plan for, and what helps place so much stress on an LGBT person's faith journey, are the personal resource issues that Satan piles on that help drive many from the faith. Especially for young people just starting out in life. Over the last several years, Q7 and its founders have provided such direct assistance to struggling LGBT Christians. We have encountered young LGBT Christians who want to come out but are restrained because they are in college, and to come out means having their parents cut off tuition payments. LGBT Christians whose coming out may require them to leave home and they have no place to go, and no resources to get there, or to give them a start even if they had a place to go. We have come across further examples of need in the form of LGBT Christians who are incarcerated and indigent, on parole and have no family, who are immigrants fleeing homophobic foreign countries and the like. These LGBT Christians need more than a book to read, or a website to connect with. Individuals connected to Q7 have privately provided such direct assistance in the form of:

  • Housing

  • Rental assistance

  • Moving expenses

  • Travel stipends

  • Application fees

  • Legal fees, pro bono advice, legal referrals

  • Scripture studies

  • Transportation expenses

  • Purchase of books

  • Food stipends

  • Retreat/conference fees

  • Purchase/donation of computer equipment

  • Connections with Mentors

Q7 Rescue has formally created a system for this type of direct assistance to LGBT Christians


Our work in India

In India there are many people that are kicked out of their homes, abused, bullied, and discriminated against solely based on their sexuality. Q7 has the mission of protecting, giving the gospel, and helping them achieve their dreams.

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